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What Is Founders Basecamp?

Founders Basecamp is a small group of entrepreneur friends, busy enough with their own ventures, but with startup ideas to share with the students' community. And passionate enough to support and challenge them in their idea stage iterations.

It’s for students an opportunities to improve their skill set and gain more confidence, by working on new business ideas in a safe “sandbox”.

How does it work?

We send startup ideas to students. When they are interested in a specific one, we connect them in small groups (2-4 people), and let them iterate for a week or more before they present back their findings (via Skype, etc.). At that point, anything can happen: From nothing (if the idea turned out to be unworkable or nobody want to move it forward ...), to publishing the resulting paper if students are proud enough of their work (some use it for MBA projects), to actually starting a proper business.

Who owns the ideas?

We have a “No IP” policy. You and your team are free to own whatever IP is uniquely developed during your time on the project.

How much does it cost?

Founders Basecamp is 100% free.

What's in it for the Students?

Students use this as a source of inspiration for new business ideas, as a way to connect with students from different backgrounds, and to get mentoring from a network of more experienced entrepreneurs.

Who are we and why are we doing this?

Founders Basecamp is a network of angels, entrepreneurs, and like minded friends mostly based in UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. 


It’s for us the opportunity to have bright people exploring ideas we can’t find the time to investigate, a way to identify talented people we may want to hire in some of our ventures, and as well the sheer pleasure of feeling helpful to a younger generation, at very little cost to us (a project takes one of us just 30 mins. for initial briefing, and 60 mins debriefing to challenge the students’ work).

If some students eventually develop enough confidence to start their own business ideas, whether they ultimately fail of succeed, we’ll be happy to have helped them learn and grow through the process