From a Founders Basecamp’s Idea to co-founder of MyJoro LTD, 

This is a guest post from Savinien Gauchet, a long time Founder Basecamper, who's telling the story of starting his own side business, following Yuka for your Wallet's project


My curiosity towards the world of startups can be summed up by the following: The idea, the project, the team

  • The thirst to learn, to help others, and to create comes quickly from the idea.

  • The well-organized structure comes through the definition of a project.

  • Finally, to go further you need a team.

And those three are delivered every month to your mailbox through Founders Basecamp! In January, I found everything I was looking for through one project called Yuka for your Wallet where four chaps with different backgrounds gathered to analyse the relevance of an app allowing the user to estimate their carbon footprint based on their bank account data. After a month of work, the idea showed a strong potential, but there were already challengers in this space. A competitor on the French market was 6 months ahead of schedule with a 100% dedicated team to the project, a 500k€ seed funding and a fully functional MVP on the apple store.

The ocean was turning red and turbulent…

The Startup Curve // Source:

This was when, Lucile Darthout, a long-time friend, and my future associate, came aboard the project. We decided that it was time to change strategy. We had to catch up the pace of superfast growing companies and be one step ahead of schedule. To find our blue ocean, we chose to help them spread the world instead of competing.

Going further: building our company

Mike Horn wrote in Objectif: Pôle Nord de nuit “What does it take to reach one's goal, whether that goal is the North Pole... or anything else? It takes willpower, adaptability, curiosity, determination, and a bit of courage.” It was time for us to wake up, to get out of our comfort zone and to become a cleantech growth agency with a focus on French and UK development.
It is first the studies and the passion for trekking that drew Lucile and I closer and now we have just started a new kind of hiking. We decided to combine our profiles and our objectives:

  • Lucile seeks a project that makes sense in today’s world involving an environmental theme.

  • I want to develop my knowledge on entrepreneurship. Having had a first experience as a project-holder in France, I want to keep fulfilling my curiosity.

After several weeks of joint work, lots of ideas and discussions, and some challenges to overcome, here we are: MyJoro LTD is registered with Companies House. Even if many things remain to be done (legislation, contracts, …) it is time for us for some action and to test our offer! For the tricky things that we spot, we can count on the three other members of the project, our advisors, François BLANC, Nigel MPHISA, and Rafik MRABET, who give us experience-based guidance. We also received help from our friends, relatives, and networks who give us a hand to navigate through this new world.

Today, we have chosen to develop this activity while keeping our respective jobs, thus preserving our financial independence. We have fulfilled our duty of transparency towards our employers, who have shown themselves open to letting us undertake this activity.
Since January, the objectives have changed a lot. We are working to build a project consistent with our expectations, which can be carried out early in the morning or in the evening. Enriched by these last few months, our wish is to continue to learn the fundamentals of management and to support and bring satisfaction to our first clients. As business international expansion is not immediate, that gives us time to develop and design our services while our future customer get a 1st market validation in their native countries. Our ambition is to spread the best cleantech ideas between UK and France. Is it achievable? Only time will tell!

Myjoro Ltd, Co-founders

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