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3 jobs offers in case you are on the lookout

Conscious that some of you are currently looking for a job (well, startups don't often pay the bills, esp. at the beginning), I thought I'd post these 3 jobs offer I saw in my network today. Pay attention to the location (London, Madrid and Amsterdam) and email me for a warm intro if interested.

  • Are you great at PR?! Love startups?! Have a look at this one from my friends at Mass Challenge London, a not for profit startup accelerator who has big ambitions in Europe (you'll see openings in new cities over the next few months).

  • Fed up with the London weather ? FON (one of the largests WIFI network in the world, with more than 20 million hotspots) is recruiting a Product manager in Madrid

  • If you're into HR and would love living in Amsterdam, a friend of mine at is hiring international recruiters and sourcers to be based in Amsterdam and "willing to start ASAP"

And as a side note, for the ones based in London, two quick news about your friends from Founders Basecamp

  • Patrick Romano, one of our advisors, will be presenting tomorrow a two-hour sampler of his course “Masters of the Exponential Age” at the Birkbeck College - suuuch a short notice, I know!

  • Doug Morrison, another fellow advisor, will run a series of interesting ones all along November, have a look at this list

  • And it will then be my turn to take the stage for "Big idea" on the 18th nov.

Come and say Hi if you can! And if you have friends who 'd like to receive startup ideas, tell them about us - you'll get a brand new one this week end, from Juan Antonio, of our Spanish advisor. Keep rocking, F


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