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I’m now back from San Francisco, and that the trip was great, as usual. A year ago, I wrote here (do you remember this business idea about the insurance company for self driving cars?!) that Artificial Intelligence was all the rage on London’s VC little world. This year in the Valley, it was all over the place on radio stations, from commentators, to advertising plainly mentioning that their products were powered by AI. I had a chance to play with the Google Cloud Platform in the Google Labs (but more on this on a later post - in a nutshell, it's amazing), and to meet people at Stanford and Berkely, so you should start seeing US students joining your projects in the coming weeks. For now, I just wanted to introduce you to our friends at the European Students Startups. Like us, they help students step into entrepreneurship. If you feel ready to pitch investors, and are able to pull a lightweight business plan in the next 4 weeks (deadline is 9th jan), you’ll have a chance to be selected to fly to London mid march, at the London School of Economics, and pitch in front of angel investors and VC. It's a great opportunity for students or recent graduates of European Universities, so have a look here for more details! Onwards now, F


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