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You are genuinely interested in helping students make the most of their lives and step into entrepreneurship. You have connections in Universities and Business or Engineers schools and you are happy to pitch their students about Founders Basecamp. You must have started at least one business yourself, or demonstrate a real entrepreneur / business developer spirit, in order to be credible.

Objective of the role & associated activities. 3 things, really:


1. Participate in advisory board sessions, a fancy word for a rather informal-but-fun Skype call (or face to face meeting for those in London) aiming at challenging and improving what we do, and how we do things at Founders Basecamp. Feedback and suggestions via email, on an ad hoc basis works as well for the busiest of you guys.

2. Give some of your new business ideas to the community: This requires to spend 30 min for initial briefing to students, and 1 or 2 other 30 min sessions, 2 weeks after, when students are ready to present you their findings and recommendations. What you'll get on top of the sheer pleasure to feel helpful in students' personal development, is a free market research for your early stage business ideas. As a by product, you may detect good profiles for internships or staff hire (I did!)

3. Grow the students' community : You can do this by talking about us when you come back to the school / university you studied at. Or by pro-actively contacting the Deans and Professors in your network to tell them about Founders Basecamp, and convince them to invite you for a lecture about your entrepreneurial experience. Which turns to be a good opportunity to pitch Founders Basecamp in your closing remarks.

Compensation : pro bono - we are non-profit but a fun and interesting group of people!

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