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Make airlines loyalty miles “liquid”

THIS BUSINESS IDEA IS NOW CLOSED (Thanks Gregoire and Pierre for the good work!)

Some of you know I left Orange to start a big ambitious venture, aiming at providing WIFI to the 500 million annual passengers of European Airlines.

This venture eventually failed, but I learnt so much on the way that I have absolutely no regret. It actually was a truly transformational experience for me.

As promised, I'll start posting new business ideas on this mailing list so you can have a go : This one is inspired from the airline industry which has been my focus for the last 18 months!

Context : The currency equivalent of worldwide airlines miles is higher than the amount of $ in circulation, but it’s very illiquid (people can’t spend it easily, forget about it, ..)

Startup idea : Investigate creating a mobile app that connects airlines loyalty program (so you can redeem your miles) and allow you to pay /micro pay for retail or online shopping partners...

#airline #airlinemiles #loyalty

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