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Who's building the insurance company for self driving cars?

Hi eveyone, I’m back from holidays as fired up as I’m sure you are!

The only nasty surprise for me was a minor car accident in Sicily. But let me tell you that filling car insurance paperwork with an Italian driver can be something of an experience!

Now back in London, the rage is all about the developments of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and its promising applications in various fields (customer service with chatbots, transportation with self-driving cars, …. ).

Hey wait! I just had a car accident and the whole claiming process was (is still) painful. But who’s building an insurance company specialized for self-driving cars? They wont stop all accidents, will they?. And they'll make things VERY different for insurance companies, think about this for a minute : What if, to avoid an accident, your self-driving car has to go off-road and kills someone on the way ? Shall it kills you or the passer-by’s? How much my friends at Allianz would pay (or a VC would fund you) to get at the forefront of this ?

As usual, please email me back if you want to work on this one, and I'll setup the project group next week end.

You have to get inspiration from where it comes, I guess : Onwards now!

#StartupIDEA #insurance #fintech #selfdriving

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