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Making foreign language learning easier


Some of you know I’m currently helping Santander, a Spanish Bank, making the most of the Startup ecosystem. This week they kindly offered me to take Spanish lessons, which I immediately accepted, answering cheekily in my broken Spanish. Which obviously prompted an ongoing conversation .. in Spanish, where my own limitations quickly became evident.

Hey, wait?!

  • I spoke to a couple of foreign language teachers and the problem they face is students don’t practice or do their homework between 2 lessons.

  • At the same time, we spend a lot of time everyday chatting on WhatsApp or Messenger isn’t it.

Business idea : So why don’t we complement traditional foreign language lessons, with a “chatbot” service who’d message you a few times per day, so you’re force to write back and practice?! That would cost (almost) nothing to build and to operate. And could dramatically improve students' engagement hence results.

As usual, please email me back if you want to work on this one, and I'll setup the project group next week end.


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