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The astonishing cross destinies of British Telecom and France Telecom

THIS PIECE OF RESEARCH IS NOW CLOSED (Thanks David for the good work!)

Most if you know I used to work at Orange, a Bristol based startup (yes, it started like that 22 years ago!), sold 6 years later to France Telecom for a whooping 40B$ at the top of the .com bubble. Last year, France Telecom, who kept the Orange brand, exited the UK operations for a rather slim 15B$, the same year British Telecom bought back the mobile business they sold in 2007. That got me thinking about France Telecom and British Telecom history. They were very comparable 20 years ago, but while FT expanded internationally in ~30 countries and went on to triple play (fixed, mobile, tv), BT very much stayed a local player leveraging his fixed telephony and internet access. What a fantastic case study it would be to research more in details; And look at the BBC vs. France Television, this time the Brits will have a few lessons to teach to the Froggies isn’t it?!

So this time, I’m not proposing you to dig in a new business idea. I’m looking for 2 volunteers to write a 3 pages case study on the diverging destinies of these 2 group of companies. If we are proud of what we write, we’ll co-sign it and post it on social media. Starting a business is usually triggered by sheer passion, and an innovative take on the world that no one saw before. While passion can’t be taught, thinking, analysing can be. This is what this challenge is about, like the recent one in the comparison of Facebook and Google advertising CPM models

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