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Let's put ourselves to the test

I spent the last 2 weeks thinking about how to make Founders Basecamp more interesting for everyone, and I'll soon be able to tell you about a couple of ways I think we can do this. This made me realize as well that I'd miss a nice opportunity by not taping into your creativity, folks! : So let me offer you to refine the very core concept of Founders Basecamp for the next 2 weeks. Here we go : Context :

* Millennials are more and more inclined towards entrepreneurship. Progress in IT and Artificial Intelligence makes the OCDE believe that ~10% of current jobs are at risks of automation, plus large corporations are not generating many jobs anyways, so you 'd may be better off creating your own (and learning a lot on the way, even if you fail).

* While there's plenty of "top/down" educational resources (Academics, Books/Blogs), there are not many "active" ways of "learning by doing", unless you are ready to invest significant time, and money, into building prototypes and testing them at a small scale on the market.

* At the same time, many Entrepreneurs have more new business ideas that they can deal with, and just can't find the time to develop them all, as they are ... currently 200% busy building of them!

Startup idea : Connect the 2 communities in a way that allows :

* Students or aspiring Entrepreneurs to have access to interesting new business ideas, and spend a little bit of their time (but not much) to do preliminary research and refining the business concept. They'll then present their findings (can it actually really fly, and why?) to more experienced Entrepreneurs and get their feedback on their analysis.

* Entrepreneurs that are open enough to share their ideas, and passionate enough to support and challenge students in this journey.They'll help less experienced people to learn how to iterate fast on new business ideas, and will get free resources to iterate on their idea stage startups.

And who knows : Some may actually start one of these new business ideas!

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