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What a week!

I don’t know about you, but these last few days have been pretty exciting. Next to my day job, I’m still helping friends raising their Serie A, and on Founders Basecamp’s front, I met with people from the Open University , which is one of the largest academic institution in Europe. My friend Joshua is as well looking at ways to engage with Berkley and CKGSB students in the coming months. There are as well 2 new interesting business ideas in the making, so watch this space. The “Founders Basecamp” business idea project will start next week, and as you can imagine, I’m very excited about what you’ll find here: So please email me if you want to join this one, and we’ll start in about week time. For now let me introduce you with Shafika, who has just join us. Her linkedin story is the one of an international digital, media, and telecom career, with a current position in Dubai. But below the nice corporate surface, she has actually started several side businesses in various fields (journalism, wellbeing, ..). Last year, she launched the Explora Digital Certificate with Edhec Business School and 10 blue chip digital companies in France, where she coached 50 graduate students. She has a passion for technology, self-development and education and is always happy to help, feel free to reach to her if your story relates to her. That’s it, now onwards folks! F

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