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The Digital Sandwitch Men

Gooosh, I don't know for you, but I cant imagine the UK going for BREXIT in 2 weeks, that would be such a backward message given to the world :( Sadly the bookmakers are not very optimistic at the moment, and I'm left to hope for the best as I can't vote on this one, despite working in London for the last 8 years. Anyway, here is a new busines idea for this week. This one is a bit special as it's coming from Eric, one of my entrepreneur friend who already tested the concept in the US and Middle East. He's now wondering about launching at scale in Europe, so if you take this project, we'll both support you working on it. Here we go. Context : High street "Brick-and-Mortar" retailers are struggling vs Online e-Commerce players (Convenience, Price, Inventory). They need to drive back traffic into their shops, for improved, immediate, impulse buying. Business idea : Remember the sandwich men ? Now, picture these walking ambassadors with a 32" digital LED sandwich board, on the high street with this innovative advertising format. That would allow for dynamic yield management (changing the add at happy hour time, hide a specific add if there's a big queue in the shop, ..), point to point map to shop location or tradeshow signage, and as well to pool the cost of advertising among local retailers (by having multiple rolling digital ads on the screen). Team Challenge : After signing a NDA (as this is already beyond idea stage), you will be given confidential information about this new media solution, that was concept tested in Albuquerque, New York (2013-2014), and currently deployed in Dubai, UAE (March 2016). You'd look at how this would work in the UK, European competitive landscape and size the market potential. And prepare a pitch for investors or franchise partners to scale up very fast.

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