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Keep Calm and Carry On

I'm writing this email from the same little coffee shop, next to my children French school in Belsize’s park, North London. Everyone around me talks about the Brexit. Moaning, Anger, Denial…. Anxiety, Analysis, and Counter-Analysis (Yep, I live in central London ). Noise. I’m obviously sad for the 52% of backward thinking voters, and for Europe, and for our dear little planet as this will have ripple effects. But my life won’t stop at Brexit, nor the potential upcoming Departugal, Italeave, up to the ultimate Finished (geez, that's a story up for Arto Paasilinna). For it's down to us to make the most of our own lives, in whatever context we live in. Artists and designers in particular know that well : Innovation is born from constraints. After this vote, it’s just one more for our generation to deal with. So move on and get back to your dreams and what you can build out of it. We’ll figure out about Brexit on the way. I’ll be in touch next week with a new business idea (possibly about democracy in a modern media world : There's something broken here don't you think?;D) Onwards now, more than ever – and keep rocking the boat! F

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