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My notes from A16Z briefing today

I you are even mildly interested in startups/VCs, you must know Andreessen Horowitz (aka A16Z, a geeky joke). Benedict Evans is an ex Orange friend, and write an interesting newsletter you may want to subscribe to here. Here are my notes from an event he hosted today in London (warning - edgy "tech" topic - skip if you are not into it!)

  • Mobile is overtaking PCs. Already 5X (installed base), and currently running at 10X (unit sales). And alongside mobile phones, there's a Cambrian explosion of new devices (Internet of Things, Connected Cars, Wearables, Drones,..)

  • "Platforms" evolved from mainstream, to client/server, to browser based services, to apps, and now towards a deeper integration at both the OS level, + surfacing services within 3rd parties apps (eg initiating a bank transfer from wechat messaging app).

  • "Video" is the new HTML. Bet you still don't believe in "Virtual Reality" because "no one will wear this on their face" ? Remember sentences like "no one will use mobile phones" in the 90s, "no one will watch a glowing box in a corner of a room" (the TV in the 70s), ...

  • "Artificial Intelligence" is the new mobile. after 40 years of "AI winter", and with Data + Computing power exponential growth, vertical AI (and more precisely "Machine Learning" based AI on vertical applications start to work (eg images at 28% success rate, voice 16%, semantic meaning 6%). But no HAL/ general AI in predictable sight

That's all folks, speak soon!

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