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How to spend it (right)

I don’t know for you but for me, time flies: There’s never enough of it in a day. A big change I did in my work live was to decide to take back control of it. I started measuring where I was spending my time (using color codes in my Outlook agenda): Briefing or coaching my team members, managing upwards, meeting with external industry stakeholders to keep my pulse on the market, or working on making projects happen. I was spending 80% with my team. This made me realize how unbalance I was. So after pondering with my goals, I decided about my ideal time allocation, and started refusing some meetings or proactively look for some others kinds. I decided how to spend my time rather that going with the flow. All of the above is still a very manual process: This business idea is about creating an Outlook plugin that analyse where I spend my time (no AI/ML or complicated techno to start with, it can be as simple as asking users to use outlook color codes to categorise their time slots), and alerting me when I start accepting meetings that take me away from my time allocation goals. Clearly, this is not a “biggie” startup. Though that’s exactly the kind which gets acquired early by Google, Microsoft, Apple,.. for a few M$ (pending it's generating some customer traction eg 100k+ users). That’s it folks, as usual email me if you are interested to work on this one. For new joiners, this means spending a few hours doing research, iterating on the business idea, and presenting your findings to a panel of entrepreneur friends who will give you feedback on your work Keep rocking, F


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