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Are you working above, or below the API line?

Some morning reads are more stimulating than others. Didn't you hear, over the last few months, a lot of gloomy prospects about net jobs destruction for decades to come? Think Pony Express riders loosing their jobs following the introduction of the Telegraph, but this time across all industries disrupted by digitization at the same time. The dominant theory was very much leaning towards a growing imbalance, resulting in dramatic net job destruction, from Accenture and the World Economic Forum (here), to this paper from Harvard Business Review, and many others in the same vein. It was best sum up by a friend with this catchy sentence : Are you working above, or below the API line ? (in which case your job is at risk of automation). So this contrarian view came handy with my morning espresso this morning (recommended read!). And while we're talking about jobs creation, there is still one week for you to join last week project about time management : We have just one London based student on this one so far.

That's all folks, onwards now!

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