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Who cares about the UBER “flexible” workers?!

October 8, 2016

David (one of our mighty advisors at Founders Basecamp) and I had a chat recently about the sharp increase of independent / off-the-payroll workers.
Take UBER’s drivers for ex. They are more than 300 000 in the world right now. What seems to be a great opportunity for them to make money on flexible terms is as well a longer term risk for them and governments : Because they are not technically employed by UBER (they work on a contract basis), they don’t have default access to social security, health care, pension, … (unless they pro-actively subscribe to a private one)
In the same way a host of businesses have flourished in the trail of AirBnb (specialized cleaning agencies, check-in and key management services,..) there something to be done for the growing numbers of independent/flexible workers that the sharing economy is generating. Either on a self serve basis, or as a service pre-packed for startup CEOs to offer to their early stage staff. 
And this is this week new business idea : As usual, please email me back if you want to work on this one, and I'll setup the project group next week end.

That's all folks, onwards now! 

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