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The "Entente Cordiale" serie - what the crossing destinies of BBC and France Television ca

Do you know how the Brits and the French refer about their tortuous countries relationship? They call this the “entente cordiale”; And at Brexit time, it’s worth to do whatever we can to warm this up. If you were with us just before the summer, you may remember a project which David Bahamon completed, about the cross destinies of British Telecom and France Telecom (have a look here). So if some of you are willing to dip into the Media sector, I’d love to send the same challenge to have a look at the BBC (which became a global brand with their commercial arm, the BBC Worldwide), and France Television (which despite several attempts, stayed very much a local player)

As usual, please email me back if you want to work on this one, and I'll setup the project group next week end. PS : Loic and Matteo are about to start working on the previous business idea, the employee benefit for sharing economy workers, email me quickly if you want to join their group?! That's all folks, onwards now! Francois.

#media #bbc #francetelevision

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