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Let's try something different

A big shout out to Kavita, Sibylle, Juan Antonio and Xavier for completing the insurance company for self driving cars. And good luck+lots of fun to Matteo and Loic as they are now starting the employee perks for the sharing economy flexible workers Now, let me try something different this week : Spotting business model pattern generated lots of questions from you guys, so this week, let me describe another one, and ask you to come up with a business idea that can exploit this business model pattern in a different sector. So here we go :“Yield management” is based on a simple idea : Making the most of the business capacity you already paid for. For example, a factory will run day and night at 100% of it's capacity by shifting workers around the clock in 3*8 hours slots. Hotel or Mobile Telecom companies will discount rooms or voice calls when there’s little demand. A central retail shop will be a coffee shop by day and a cocktail bar at night,… Got inspired? Hit reply and let me know. If you get me excited about your business idea and want to leverage Founders Basecamp community, I'll let you post it there to find buddies to help digging further into it. I look forward to hear from you That's all folks, keep rocking! F.

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