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Muhammad Yunus, Robin Hood, and the post modern business traveler

Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, was recently giving a lecture in one of the business schools we work with, as he campaigns for narrowing the (widening) gap between the rich and the poor. And as I was recently walking in one of this nice forests in England, enjoying this colorful fall, I couldn’t stop thinking about Robin Hood (yes, I have 2 young children ho were enjoying the forest as much as I did), and what he would have done in our time, if he was, like Yunus, better at business than with arrows and a bow. So a part in me kind of immediately liked Juan Antonio’s business idea when he came to me last week, talking about the needs of business travelers. :D It’s no secret they have a purchasing power much higher than average, and as they go up Maslow’s pyramid, that translate into specific cravings. I‘ve worked with a few of them, whom I overhear asking their PA to go against the company policy and book them in a specific hotel who had a gym so they can keep on training. Juan Antonio wants to tap into this narrow but wealthy niche of fitness conscious business travelers. He already sat up a business leveraging Personal Trainers and he saw first-hand one of their problems : Too much demand in the week end, and not enough during the week – but that’s just when business travelers are in London, New York or Singapore, willing to get their fix, between a couple of stressful meetings. But with no local connections to get access to vetted professionals. So email me back if you want to explore this one. I’m sure some of you are already thinking about a range of other services that can serve this interesting customer segment.

A great start of the week to everyone! Onward now, F


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