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Digest. Recalibrate. Onward

That’s what one of our Advisors at Founders Basecamp posted on his Facebook this Tuesday morning following Trump’s election. Stark contrast to the endless bitter posts moaning about what happened in the US, and how we collectively screwed up our little planet with populism, global warming & co. Sure, Hillary was far from perfect. But the “World” we live in is indeed very different from the “world” you and I live by Francois isn’t it, where racism, sexism and bullying have no place. And as many of you emailed me back after this post during Brexit, it's down to us to make the most of our own lives, whatever the context we live in.

I'm meeting more and more entrepreneurs willing to take on the democracy 2.0 challenge. Ancient Greeks came up with it 2500 years ago -an excellent tenure for an innovation these days- but none of today's local variants (electoral college in the UK, electing a party in the UK, frequent local referendums in Switzerland,..) are protecting us from populism, in an age where any clown can get instant access to mass audience. I'd love to hear from you if you have ideas on that front, as the task is immense. Alternatively, and on a lighter note, have a look at what a few people in Macedonia have done to exploit the Trump phenomenon to make a profit. (this was brilliant as well). Can you think about another large global online audience peak, where you could have piggyback on to build an "instant business" ?!

That's all folks, keep it up! F.

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