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Do you think you have a good business idea?

I started Founders Basecamp because I know what it takes to validate a new business idea. It takes time and effort, not skills or magic. Usually, entrepreneurs are not short of ideas. But they are short of time. So, with a bunch of like-minded friends, we decided a bit more than 6 months ago to create this little social experiment called Founders Basecamp. And we are now sending you, Francois, the new business ideas for which we can’t find the time to investigate. And to about 300 other people like you in a handful of countries across Europe. And the more we grow, the more I see the potential of this movement. I think we’re here for the long run Francois, setting ideas free for people to grow them, instead of keeping them secretly, and most of the time, doing nothing with it just because we are so time poor, already busy building another venture. Last week’s project is still up for grabs for 1 more week, so please tell me now if you want to give it a go, and I'll add you to the project group. Enjoy the week-end, Onwards now

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