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Lets find Product / Doggie Fit

The other day I was having lunch with a dog owner. We started out talking about work, but every 10 minutes he kept telling me about his upcoming holidays and how hard it is to find a place to keep his dogs. So I asked, what are you going to do this Christmas? After loads of desperate searching, his solution was to find a kennel in WALES! Thats 100s' of miles from his home in Central London. The way it works is that the Kennel sends a van all the way from the countryside to collect the pet, and then returns it to London when the holiday is finished. Talk about a complicated system just for a few little paws!

Halfway through the lunch he blurted out ... "there are probably 2-3 pets lovers within a few blocks of where I live. Why can't I just leave little paws with them?". Not only does it solve the immediate problem, but it builds connections between neighbours - which seemed really important to him.

So ...

Lets work together on "AirBNB for pets". A service that lets people leave pets with other pet owners for a short amount of time. You can imagine how simple the system would be. Owners list their places as suitable for pets and wait for the enquiry's to come in.

Key Questions

- How big is the market?

- Who else is doing it? Should we care? Is it winner take all?

- Forget the tech problem, how would you build the brand?

- What other services could you sell once the community was up and running.

If you are interested, please email Francois and lets get going!

- Ravi

#StartupIDEA #SharingEconomy

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