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Starting with the end

I often say that I like to start with the end. What I mean by this is that I find many benefits from visualizing the end result before doing any work to get there. This often clarify what actual work needs to do to get there, and remove some that eventually appears to be unnecessary. Here are a few examples of this approach.

  • Amazon notoriously works backwards from a potential customer need, and visualize it via and internal Press Release– have a look here (recommended short read).

  • I usually write out a few metrics on how I want to measure success for a new product, an approach I've used both in the corporate and startup environment – ping me if you want me to email you an example.

  • I often ask my team to write down the minutes of important meetings BEFORE such meetings, to make sure they know exactly the outcome they wanted to reach.

  • When it’s not about a product or a new business, but about finding the solution to a problem, it’s dramatically helpful to challenge the problem statement. Have a look at this short online course about this

And when you have a new business idea, that’s as well a very good place to start.

  • How would I measure the success of my MVP? will I bet lead you to redesign the refine the scope of your MVP before you build it.

  • How should my company look like 1 year from now? How could the market evolve in 5 years’s time?

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