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Practice makes perfect

This week, I’m introducing you to a few friends of Founders Basecamp. They all offer services to students or startupers, so there are chances you may like one of them. But that’s not the only reason why I’m asking you to have a look at what they offer: At Founders Basecamp, we explore and validate new business ideas, right, so let’s take this as a little practice: Do you understand their business model?! Can you write this down in a few sentences - And send it to me if you want some feedback?

  • Maud, at Internshipmapper is helping students finding their 1st jobs, by connecting them with companies looking for interns or graduates. Because of her background, she initially help French ones landing in the UK, but now her company supports multiple cities like Amsterdam or Barcelona.

  • The next problem, once you’ve got this 1st job (or university) abroad, is finding a place to stay. Alex created London Nest with this in mind. Startup Home was setup by Nicolas for a different audience with a similar problem : startupers relocating to a new city (e.g. London, Berlin, and other tech startups magnets) and looking for a co-living space with like minded people.

  • Jack runs Sponsor my Society. He helps universities’ clubs or societies (football, computer science,.. ) find businesses / organisations willing to sponsor them, so they can fund their activities.

Got them all?! Have a great week, and keep digging into more business ideas. F

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