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From a London modern art gallery - making quick money online

Last week end, I came across the story of "SuperDebtCollector" in a modern art gallery. It's a "bot" (an algorithm) programmed to identify people about to default on their debt (eg by analyzing your online browsing behavior, or by scanning your bank accounts - which will be allowed on an opt-in basis later next year when PSD2 regulation comes into force across the EU), and that then suggest ways to make quick money online. The artist filmed a fake trial, as in his story, 2 people died after joining a pharma/drug trial suggested by the bot. That was the algorithm himself (materialized by a blinking chip-set in the defense box) that was being judged, because it had the capability to evolve on its own, and because the company which built it went bankrupt, and the developer itself died, to make things simpler. And you could see the jury scratching their heads to find who was guilty. But a service referencing ways for people to make small sums of money quickly online wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea, if done properly. Studies show that a significant proportion of UK household couldn't face an unexpected bill of just 300£. Are you interested in working on this one? As usual, email me if so, so I connect you to the study group. Keep rocking, F


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