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Should I do a Founders Basecamp project?

As you can see with the picture above, I was in the Alps this week, following a lecture at the GEM MBAs for their personal development week. We were discussing the benefits of participating in a Foudners Basecamp project, and listed the following :

  • Practice entrepreneurship without hurting yourself. Idea stage Startups require no investment, apart from a bit of time. And the more you practice, the more you get in the spirit of spotting and assessing new business opportunities.

  • Extend your network : You’ll team up with students from different backgrounds (from business to engineering and design) and different countries. And you’ll be coached by one of our "entrepreneur in residence" / advisor.

  • Enrich your profile for recruiters. It’s no secret every companies is craving for entrepreneurial minded employees. Big corporates even call this Intrapreneurship. The business ideas memo you write during our projects is a tangible proof you can add to your CV, and if you impress your advisor enough, it’s not unlikely that this would turn into at least a nice recommendation on your Linkedin profile.

Which one of our new business idea will you pick this year? Do you have one you’d like to send to the community? Hit reply and tell me now, Francois! Speak soon, F

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