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Nokia, genius coup

For those who missed it last week, Nokia is relaunching ... the 3310. Which I think is an excellent reminder of the power of brands, even when their recent product incarnations have failed, to the point of bankruptcy (Kodak), trade or fire sale (Nokia arguably) A friend of mine actually built a business on this very idea - a "brand antique" company. He made his first coup with Panhard, a car manufacturer who disappeared in 1968, but which brand have resonated across several generations. Realizing the trademark wasn't registered anymore, he did so and became the new owner of the brand. He then went to pitch car manufacturers like Renault to revive a niche range for its nostalgics. Now look at the number of iconic companies that may well disappear in the coming years... I hope that got you thinking : So before you move to the next email, can you think about a brand you could restart?! Let me know here ! F

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