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I m back from an exciting tour in China

This week in China has been great - but more on that soon, as for now I wanted to test a new business idea with you. After 35 years, China is now putting an end to its single child policy. Think about this for a minute, most of the 1.4 billion Chinese have had no brother/sisters. There's a tremendous focus of the parents on their only child, in terms of attention and development, especially in a booming economy where the game for everyone is to find a way to the upper class. You want to give them the best chances of success. Another striking fact is that most Chinese don't speak English at all. And with the US retreating to protectionism, many commentators are saying China will be the leading force for globalization for the decade to come So my hunch is that many parents would happily pay for a entertaining yet efficient way for their children to learn English. For example, think about a video game (i.e. not a boring English learning app) designed to teach you English without you necessarily realizing it. The 3-4 year old version (yes, that early) would focus on listening (that's the age research shows is the most effective for this, and Siri could be used to check pronunciation -for ex. to unlock new levels). The gameplay would incentivise short but daily sessions. And the 5-7 year old would focus on reading and writing (leveraging WeChat, the Chinese equivalent of Whatsapp/Messenger in a similar fashion as what we are building with the Wazabot team - ie chatbot), before the traditional English learning apps (Babbel, Duolinguo,..) can then kick in. Inspired?! So email me to let me know if you want to explore this one with me.

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