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This time, the world is really going vegan

From Bill Gates famous support for reducing meat consumption (and subsequent investments he made in that field), to the W.H.O communication about the link between red meat and cancer in late 2015 (interestingly with super short lived panic, denial is one of the strongest human cognitive bias) And for those of you living in London, you can't have miss the recent massive billboard campaigns : Vegan is going mainstream this time. So, who is building the food company of the future ?! Would an alien look at our planet from space, he’d first notice that 70% of its surface is covered by sea. There are twice more sea than land, and remove mountains, deserts, .. and this proportion is now more than 10 fold for the space you can use to grow food. Now lean with him closer to his spaceship window: Can you see our big autonomous algae crops floating freely across the sea, cruising back to the coast just in time when they are ready to be harvested ?! Email me if you want to work on this project.


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