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The barrier is in your mind

Have you ever seen an elephant for real? It's really massive. So it’s a bit puzzling that these powerful creatures are ruled by us, frail humans. Cornacs (who' job is to drive elephants) have a fascinating technique to become their masters. The day after birth, they take baby elephants away from their mother and attach them to a stake in the ground, with a rope around their neck. That's very cruel off course, and the only thing baby elephant wants is to come back to her mother. So she’ll try again and again to break the rope, until, exhausted, she starts accepting to be bottle-fed by her new human master. This may take a day or two, but will leave an ever lasting mark in the elephant’s mind. Once adults, cornacs still use ropes and stakes. Obviously, at that stage, elephants are 100 times more powerful and could break free immediately. But they don't. The barrier is in their mind now. And they will not question it anymore. How powerful it could be if you could spot one of your self-limitating belief ... and get rid of it!? Onwards now, and if you are into startups, there are still room for you to join one of the following active projects :

As usual, feel free to invite like minded friends, and ping me if you want to submit one of your business idea to our community. F


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