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Paying for an ad-free Internet

June 6, 2017


Mary Meeker's annual report is out, and as every year, a couple of slides caught my eyes. This year I got stuck on this one

I get very well that mobile users, in developing countries where mobile data is paid "by the meter", have a strong incentive to remove ads so they don't pay for downloading banners. But look at the data for desktop browsing in mature markets : It's a very significant proportion, which questions the founding business model of most of the internet big names : "You'll get top notch services (Gmail, Facebook,..) for free but I'll use your personal data so brands can advertise in highly target ways". 

Well, it's maybe time for a premium - add free internet offer. There's a Halal internet in Iran, a golden-gated one in China (censorship), a plethora of wall-gardened ones for children (white-listed sites only). So why not paying for an ad-free, 100% respectful of your personal data one?

Charge 5$/month and you'll even be more profitable that Google & co - Just divide their gross revenues by their number of active users, I bet you'll be very surprised to see how low it is.

So let me know if you are tempted to work on this one!

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