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AI and the future of jobs

Have you seen that Facebook just announced they were staffing 3.000 more people to sort out the fake news and other content moderation activities? This adds up to the 4.500 existing ones, and if you do the math, this accounts for 25% of its entire workforce. Isn’t it counter-intuitive that a tech giant uses that many people for such tasks?! It actually takes people to build software and train an Artificial Intelligence : Take a look at this image to understand how that works. CAPTCHAs (as these are called) are designed to prevent malicious programs to break in: Telling which image is a cat is straightforward to us humans, but is a very difficult task for an algorithm. But CAPTCHAs are as well an excellent tool to train a “Machine Learning” algorithm. For years, Google have been using millions of us to tell its engine to recognize cats! And thanks to you, it soon became good enough to automatically index its YouTube videos. And that’s what Facebook is set to do now. So, do you want to be working above or below the API line? I don't know if you can squeeze in some time for Andrew Ng MOOC on Coursera but it's free (or 60$ if you want an official certificate) and it's the absolute classic if you want to learn the skill. Maybe a good investment for your summer! Keep rocking, F

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