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Finding your way

How do you pick a job you'll like?! Looking at the number of people complaining about their work life, we must not be that good at making these choices. Sir Ken Robinson (watch his stupendous TED talk here) argues in Finding your element, that your dream job is to be found at the intersection of what you are good at, and what you like to do. But there is surprisingly little help out there, for what look like a simple data problem : People have skills, and aspirations. Companies have job offers, and have a specific workplace culture. Between both ends of the equation, millions of data points (job tenure via LinkedIn, employee satisfaction via Glassdor) and diagnostic measures (from infamous ATS to psychometric tests measuring people's preferred ways of working to match workplace environment) that it certainly not impossible to build a solution Your mission, shall you accept it, will be to work on the value proposition (for individuals, and for recruiters), the go to market, and the exit strategy for this idea Francois. Hit reply if you are in for this one!

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