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Saving everyone's time

Hands up if you have visited more than 5 flats before renting/buying where you live at the moment?! It takes 8 visits on average for a real estate agent to close a sale, and all parties involved in the process waste so much time doing this that they‘d welcome anything that would halve this number. For this project, you have assembled a set of existing technologies (3D camera, laser measuring system, Virtual Reality helmet) and built a bit of software, so that when listing a new property, real estate agents actually capture its 3D model, instead of a few 2D photos taken from advantageous angles. And halve their cost of sales by offering virtual pre-visits from their branches, or online. You know the drill : Your challenge is as usual to qualify this business idea. So email me now if you want to dig into this one with the working group! Speak soon, F

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