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Gone surfing!

The photo above is the reason you haven't heard much from me in August : My kids were learning to surf in the Basque country, while Sarah and I were sipping wine, watching the sunset. Gorgeous, invigorating. To the point where we started thinking about ways to relocate there. The snag, obviously, being to find ways to make a living in Biarritz, a small town of 25k inhabitants… But some people did it : Have a look at

  • These local guys who are developing hydrogen fuel cells (for ex. to power local buses), and who are commercializing the 1st hydrogen powered electric bike in the world

  • These folks who have found a clever way to serve the surfer/aspiring surfer niche, offering healthy breakfast full of super-foods. Looking at the queue in front their shop, I bet they kill it, even if they only work in the summer...

  • Or these guys, who are betting that the place is attractive enough for startupers to relocate, permanently or on a project basis. I’ve seen that many times, this kind of perks can be the difference to attract and retain top tech talent.

So, to all the clever ideas you’ll have to come up to, in order to be able to live by your dreams! Keep rocking, F

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