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Small signals

My friends at Path Forward (a London based idea stage VC) just published a piece on announcing startup funding in the press. What I’ve actually noticed is that most startup actually do PR or boost their Social Media activities when they start thinking about funding / exit, as a way to build momentum; And then obviously announce their funding round when its done.. These small signals, for whoever can collect and analyse them at scale (think text analytics on the 50 relevant online publication e.g. Techcrunch) are actually a valuable piece of data for VC, or corporate VC/M&A teams looking for investments targets. And I'm sure some would pay a monthly subscription fee for this. As usual, your mission, shall you accept it, will be to investigate if this idea has legs : How large is the market, what are the distribution channels, business models, .. Email me if you want to join this group Francois PS : I’ll be in Amsterdam next week, ping me if you know interesting folks you think I should meet? Keep rocking, F

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