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People drink stories

People don't drink wine, they drink "stories" told me Tatiana, who runs Winerist, a travel agencies specialised in wine destination. And indeed how can you explain the spread in wine prices, with bottles ranging form £5-500+ !? Artisanal production methods or volume scarcity are smoke screens for the rather fascinating "Veblen effect", well know in the Luxury sector. Have a look at Cru Kafe, a Seedcamp investment from last year, and Nell from this year’s Techstars' startup cohort in London. If you are into nightclubs, you may have heard about the Berghain bouncer. And if you like streetwear, this one published in last month's Wired is a perfect illustration. So this week, it will be more about shaping a brand proposition than leveraging a clever new technology ; Can you come up with a drink story that is unique and appealing?! If so, and if you'd like support in shaping this idea further, we'd like to hear from you! Keep rocking, F

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