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Data is the new gold

I started working in 1999 at the peek of the .com bubble, which marked the beginning of the eCommerce era. Amazon is now one of the most interesting companies of our times. I was there when the largest telecom companies started distributing the iphone in 2007 (code name ACME for my ex Orange friends ;D). The mobile app market size is now roughly at 90B$ and growing at a tremendous pace. And I pretty sure that I’ll spend the next 10 years making the most of the “data” wave. Even the best AI/Machine learning algorithms are nothing without the underlying data. So here’s my challenge to you. It’s not enough to use 3rd party data in clever ways : Market analysts buying satellite images to predict retail sales performance or international trade trends in real time, Telecom and Utilities (gas, water, electricity) buying real estate and Post office data to be able to target prospect when they enter their new home ,.. Trust me, the list is endless. So what company can you create that will generate its own proprietary 1st party data, with enough potential to become a large large player in the next decade?! Google and Facebook already did it for targeted advertising, but what's next? Hit reply and send me your ideas. If it is good enough Francois, I’ll pair you up you with one of our mighty advisors (see list here) so they can support you investigating further. To a great week end, F

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