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Education is broken

This week I spoke with Celia (name has been changed), the Dean of a Swiss Business School where I’ll deliver a 5 days training on leadership in startups, later in Feb. To my surprise, she said the school was owned by APAX, a legendary name in the Private Equity industry. As you know, a PE typically buys out a business, changes management to operate a significant turnaround, and sells it 3-5 years later for a profit. And as it turns out, PE are investing a lot in the education sector, a clear sign that the industry is ripe for changes. The writings are on the wall. For those who never saw Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, it’s absolutely worth 15 min of your weekend (provocative, and funny at times). Current education has been shaped by the need of industrial times (think Ford, not Uber). Have a look at 42, started by Xavier Niel, a famous French entrepreneur, who’s been granting license for others to expand this radical concept in the US for ex. (where most students have to take loans to pay for their education). Or the Alt MBA from Seth Godin. So who’s in to shape the school of the future? This project is about looking at the education market, identifying the future skills required and the methods to teach them, and refine a proposition and business model that reshapes the education for today’s world. Hit reply now to let me know if you want to join this working group : We'll start in about 10 days.


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