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Fancy a Startup job in Barcelona or Switzerland?

Quick one this week as some friends are hiring for interesting startup roles, ping me if you are interested and qualified for these roles, and I'll make an intro.

  • One Rag Time is a mix of a Venture builder and a VC fund. Their Barcelona office is run by Josep (hola amigo!), an old friend from my time at Orange, and they are looking to hire someone who loves dealing with data – have a look here for more details

  • David (salut mister!) left UBS to build startups, sometimes on behalf of corporate clients. He’s looking (in Switzerland) for a blockchain developers “who sees code like in the Matrix”, a front end UX dev, and a Senior product owner who can manage remote teams. He insists I mention that “You should also know how to ski, or want to learn how - and like cheese.”

Aah, and back to Barcelona, and for the folks in all things "Mobile" : Do let me know if you plan attending the Mobile World Congress ok Francois? Cheerios F

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