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Creating value ... out of thin air

If I’m being honest, I’m not much into drones, but I must admit that the 1000+ synchronized drones demonstration at the opening celebration of the Winter Olympics was impressive (here if you missed it), which accidentally reminded me about last year’s 1st world cup of acrobatic drone racing in Dubai What a land grab! Think about the Football world cup, the Tour de France (if you are in cycling), or Miss Universe. One day, a clever event organizer decided to call itself the “World cup” of something, organised the 1st worldwide competition instead of local ones, and as long as she/he succeeded in doing so for a couple of years, she/he would own the IP of a … monopolistic business who cannot face competitors – after all, there’s just one "world" (until Elon Musk takes us to Mars). Who owns the brand and IP of the competition have created value out of thin air! Have a look, there is a handful of players rushing to establish themselves as THE world cup for drone racing at the moment ... and only one will be there in 2 years. Hope that this has inspired you Francois, and that you’ll take a minute now to think about a business idea that would use the same pattern: Hit reply if so, and one of our advisors will be in touch to give you feedback! Speak soon, F

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