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Playing Lego with Business Models

Last week, my wonderful wife (Hi Sarah ;D) took me to Carousel for a nice dinner. Carousel is a different kind of restaurant. There’s the usual physical space: It’s near Marylebone, in London, there’s an open kitchen and bar and tables. But here, the chef change every few weeks. And that got me thinking : A lot of the business ideas I’ve seen over the last 10 years created innovation by connecting concepts that were previously remote. Think Dollar Shave Club, bringing SaaS monthly subscription pricing to FMCG commodity. Think Transferwise, bringing peer to peer to international payments. Or Cirque du Soleil, blending acrobatics into traditional circus. But Carousel goes the other way around: These folks, this time, have decoupled the “chef” and the “physical restaurant”, solving an acute problems seen in foodies capitals like London, Paris or New York. New restaurants concepts arise every few months (burgers, tacos, ceviche, eating in the dark, eating naked – yes, that’s how far you sometime have to go) and outdate the previous restaurants trends, even before their launch costs are amortized. Carousel great thinking allows their investment in the physical space to now surf the new trends by inviting the right chefs, at the right time. Great thinking isnt it? So now, how can you apply this thinking to the industry you know best?! Have a think this week end and hit reply if you find something interesting, and one of our mighty advisor will give you a hand at exploring if this could have legs! Keep rocking, F

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