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Career coaching as a service

Well, that’s the typical “pivot” story I guess: If you are with us for a bit of time, you may remember this startup idea that Celine, Sofia, and Martin worked on recently: It was about building an education business fit for the 21th century. And as it often happens at these early stages, we started drifting towards an adjacent business idea that we felt, for a few reasons, was an even better opportunity. When you think about it, the desirable outcome of education is preparing you for a job you’ll love and for which you will be good at. And when you look around you, there’s not that many folks who seem happy in their jobs. Maybe, as Sir Ken Robison puts it, it’s because they didn’t find “their element”. His book (see here) is great, but unfortunately offer little practical help. Institutional carer orientation is notoriously inefficient, and paying for a coach is expensive and transactional (ie. often a 1 off meeting). So who wants to explore building a “career coaching as a service”? This would have to be scalable (e.g. be delivered in partly automated way vs. face to face coaching), and use the power of data (e.g. Linkedin, Glassdoor, NLP from past performance reviews,…) to provide tailored support and advice on your journey to finding your element. Hit reply if you want to work on this one! Keep rocking. F.

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