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Do not feed the pigeons

My friend Marian runs Startup Grind for Europe, one of the largest global Entrepreneurs' network in the world. We had a drink earlier this week and he asked me a question that stopped me in my tracks. We both live in a world where we see lots of opportunities. We meet incredible people, explore crazy ideas. So we inevitably end up having our fingers in many projects at the same time. For ex, he's organizing startup conferences every month. Sits at the board of T-Mobile. Builds his own startup (check it here), and is now launching a VC fund. But here's what he told me : What, among the things I do today, can have 10 times the impact, if given the time it deserves? Just let that sink in for a minute, and you will see that it's a really great question to start the week end with. Later that day, I picked up my children from school, and we walked through a park. There was a sign there saying "do not feed the pigeons". Keep rocking, F

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