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Chatroulette meets the 1 million dollar page

Welcome to (works better on laptop than mobile). A million users in less than a week. And still going strong after 6 years (with zero run/maintenance costs). Too bad they just didn't have a Google adSense tag to monetize this massive audience. In their defense, this was actually meant to be "just" a portfolio project from a Dutch design agency. What makes things viral? Why were my children begging for fidget spinners last year, learning to Floss Dance last month, and are now asking about Fortnite?! This week, our project will be a bit different: Instead of exploring a new business idea, who wants to join to explore the mechanism of virality?! We'll do a bit of desk research, interview experts, and try something live to see if our assumptions hold true. Email us if you want to work on this one. Keep rocking, F

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