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A simple startup idea (if you are fast enough!)

This week I attended a lecture about unconscious bias. It was in relation with diversity in the workplace, a big topic in most developed economies, and plenty of research back the fact that diverse teams outperform the pale, male and stale ones. Thing is that, despite evidence, little progress is made as our unconscious biases lead people to hire people like them… Happy days for head hunting firms you will tell me! But I spoke with a few recently and they sadly are not immune themselves. One of them mentioned the infamous ATS systems (I talked about that here – and you'd better read about it if you have plans to send your CV out) and the fact that none of them have a feature to remove gender, age, photos, automatically. Simple feature though. And while we are at it, why not, beyond diversity, add automated checks like comparing the CV with the Linkedin profile (to check for suspicious inaccuracies, automatically enhance the CV with skills count/network info,...), do cultural match scoring via semantic parsing, or automate vetting checks for regulated industries (eg Financial Services,...) If you are fast enough, you may build this just in time to sell the company to one of these ATS players who will, with no doubt, have to make a move in that space (very similar to this story) – If that sounds interesting to you, hit reply and I’ll add you to the group to work on this one. BTW if you are interested in unconscious bias, I highly recommend reading the fascinating Think Fast and Slow (Dan Kanheman won the Nobel prize for his research on the topic). Keep rocking, F

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