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Copy with Pride

“Copy with Pride” used to say Frank B., one of my former boss at Orange (he’s now head of strategy and marketing at one of the largest US Telecom and Media group, this must have served him well). So let’s give it a shameless go today. I came across Sofar Sounds a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight: As a music lover, I can host a private concert in my apartment (or attend intimate mini concerts in someone else’s flat). Sofar sounds will source emerging artists, and invite the music lovers who registered themselves in the postcode of the host (north London in my case) to see a 3 artists * 3 songs ephemeral gig. A classic 2 sided marketplace business model, a pinch of gamification (you don’t know the artists nor the location up 24h before the show), the feeling of being part of a special crowd, the backing of Richard Branson and it made it a narrow but worldwide success, as they are now running for 10 years in 100+ cities across the world Now, could we take this to the Art galleries’ world ? Small independent art pieces (ceramics, jewelry, small paints/prints) would be not only be shipped to aspiring art patrons’ houses or trendy flats, but to a range of businesses (from your high street hairdresser to edgy hotels, and for the top of the range, to the hall or boardroom of FTSE100 companies). Sourcing of up and coming art producers can be partly automated via the analysis of Instagram account trends, and contracting, insurance, shipping, and installation party automated / standardized. Get in touch (see below) if you see something more to it, something that would make you proud to piggyback on this idea and apply it to a different sector. And if so, let's have a little go at these posh and old school art galleries, will we?

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