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Monaco - staring at the sea

While carefully driving out of Monaco, via the narrow and curvy road by the exotic garden, I got stuck by the stunning view over the sea. I had spent the whole Monday back to back in business meetings. I had always thought about Monaco as a high concentration of wealth, and a smart city (when I was at Orange, we launched the 3G network there before national roll out across France). But what I learnt there last Monday is that there’s a strong history of sea protection activities, and an important research center on coral life. Sea sustainability is a great opportunity, that should not only be tackled via smart maritime shipping solutions (like most vertical sea accelerators I researched seem to be focused on) but for example on de-pollution, food of the future, construction work, or innovative health care solutions. So why don’t we go and pitch for a new kind of sea vertical accelerator to Monaco 's Chief Digital Innovation Officer? Ping me if you are in on this one.

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