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I don't believe in global warming

I finished Yuval Noah Harari’s 3rd book over the xmas break. It wasn’t as good as Sapiens , which I found so eye opening that I bought several copies for friends and family, but he makes a compelling point that in an age of de-globalisation (in terms of international politics coordination), we’re pretty much screwed for the fight against global warming : It’s not a single country effort that can sort this out. This is true as well in the business world, where some opportunities can only be reached by the coordination of several players, sometimes even players who compete among themselves. For example, data aggregation companies like Experian get data from individual banks who at best have a 20% market share (ie customer data coverage in a given country) and provide services like income verification or credit worthiness back to the same banks, for mortgage application, but for 90%+ of the population. Trade association like the GSMA gather mobile telecom customer data to provide identity verification services for global players around the world (eg Google), so they don’t have to connect to 200+ individual mobile telecom companies across the world. Up to you now Francois: Can you think about an emerging sector (CBD oil, eSports,..) where there is value in orchestrating competing players? If yes ping me a note and I’ll connect you to one of our mighty advisors who’ll support your new business idea exploration. PS: The artwork and title of this email is a piece of art Banksy has done a few years ago in Camden, next to where I live

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